Welcome to Your Carbon Team

Once a Carbon member, always a Carbon member

No matter if you are a client or an employee, we want you to feel connected and supported.

You never lose touch with us. Instead, we build lifelong, and often life-changing, relationships. 

Work-Life Intergration

We encourage a culture of flexibility and offer specific programs that support career success. Take Time gives our team members the option to take vacation time and bound with their family.  Pace enables our team to stay in their current role longer, thus reducing the pressure to fulfill requirements for their next role. We know your have many aspects of life. We want you to decide how you can fill the work into your life insteand of merely keeping them balanced.


What does entrepreneurship look like inside Carbon? It’s finding new ways to solve business problems for our projects, our teams, and our clients. You will get your hands dirty. We have practice entrepreneurs, geographic entrepreneurs, and new-business leaders. Their great ideas influence Carbon and our clients, and they spark new initiatives for our alumni.

Connection of Life

The people you meet at Carbon will be your coworkers, colleagues, mentors, peers–and because of the collaborative, supportive nature of the culture, people here make friends for life. The connections you make and the experiences you share will last the rest of your career, wherever it takes you.

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